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Mohota Fabrics

Under the Mohota Fabrics brand we manufacture Poplin (cotton) - Bleach & Dyed, Uniform Fabrics (P/C & P/V Blends), & Yarn Dyed fabrics for Suitings in 35”, 54” & 58”.

Our dealer network for Mohota Fabrics is considered one of the most widespread networks in textile circles in India.

RaiSaheb Collection

RaiSaheb Collection is the brand for our premium varieties. Under RaiSaheb Collection, we manufacture RFD Fabrics for Shirtings & Bottom Wear with Usual, Bio & Peach Finish; Plain & Twill Poplins - Bleach & Dyed; Plain P/C Shirtings - Bleach & Dyed & Satins - Bleach in 58” width.

Mohota Yarn

Mohota Yarns is the brand under which our Yarns are marketed to individual/industrial buyers.
Our Brands
Mohota Fabrics
Raisaheb Collection
Mohota Yarn
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