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Social Accomplishments

We believe that all the achievements that we have attained are a result of steady enduring support from the society. Acknowledging this fact, the company engages into the development of civilization by providing better infrastructure for education, fairs, awarding scholarship for bright students, arranging health camps etc. Also the company understands its responsibility towards maintaining a clean and balanced eco-friendly environment and hence performs treatment of all outgoing water, maintains pollution levels below the statutory norms etc.

Some of the associations of social establishments with the company are as follows:

Seth Mathuradas Mohota religious and charitable trust.
Seth Mathuradas Mohota Science College, Nagpur.
Gangabai Bulakidas Mohota High School, Hinganghat.
Shrimati Sirekunwar Devi Mohota Kanya Vidyalaya, Hinganghat.
Shrimati Sirekunwar Devi Mohota memorial charitable trust.
Our Brands
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