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Located at the heart of the cotton growing region of the country, this division consists of high technology machinery and sophisticated equipments. Managed by a highly professional and experienced staff, the spinning department is committed to deliver high value to its customers every time.

Machineries have been imported from Germany, Japan, Switzerland that are capable of producing world class yarns at a superior rate of production.

Aggregating substantial portion of the operations of The R.S.R. Mohota Mill, spinning contributes roughly 50% of the turn over of the sales figures. Around 20% of the production is used for captive consumption in the weaving section.

We offer high flexibility to our customers when it comes to delivering a product of
their choice. RSR is capable of supplying grey yarns meant for knitting and weaving in the medium count ranges for cotton, polyester, viscose and their blends in Carton or Palette packing. These yarns can also be converted into multiple plies for improved performance.
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